How to Join

If you live within our boundaries and would like more information on joining, please contact us at [email protected]  As a visitor, you may attend two business meetings or one business meeting and one public event before joining. 

  • Nassau Bay

  • Taylor Lake Village

  • El Lago

  • Webster

  • Seabrook

  • Shoreacres

 Houston and Clear Lake City - South of Clear Lake City Blvd to West of El Camino Real Blvd to South of Pineloch Dr to West of Space Center Blvd to South of Bay Area Blvd, E of I-45/Gulf PWKY

If you are within our boundaries or you are not sure, please email us with your mailing address and our Membership VP will confirm and answer all of your questions.

Our Email:  [email protected]

If you are not within our boundaries please contact International MOMS Club® and they will find the group closet to you.

International MOMS Club


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