Disclaimer:  We are a NEW chapter and are just now forming.  This means you have tons of influence.  Below is our current vision, but this can change!!!!

We have member driven activities, meaning members host an activity for all to come. Our moms host a variety of activities each month as well as specialty groups/committees that meet on a weekly or monthly basis. Plus the executive board (volunteered members of the group) host several holiday parties, end of the year banquet and service projects. We have a monthly business meeting as well as a monthly calendar and newsletter, plus a Facebook Group(members access only) to help ensure communication between all members.

Our club has a business meeting on the 1st Thursday of every month from 9:45 – 11:00am. We discuss activities, service projects, etc and we usually have a guest speaker. Children are ALWAYS welcome!

Most popular activities include: 

  • Park playdates & picnics
  • Kids craft making (especially around the holidays)
  • Water playdates
  • El Jardin Beach playdates
  • Zoo Club
  • Houston Children's Museum
  • Space Center Houston playtime
  • Palm Beach in Galveston
  • Halloween Party
  • Annual Christmas Party
  • Spring Fling Party
  • Moms Night Out
  • Sunshine Committee: bringing meals to Moms with a new baby and helping Moms in need

As a visitor, you may attend two business meetings or one business meeting and one public event before joining. Please contact us for more information on current events open to visitors.

Our membership dues are $25, it goes to pay for our registration with International MOMS Club, administrative costs (mostly copies and postage), and service projects. We are recognized as a non-profit group. However, if the dues are a hardship. Please let our Membership VP know and we will work something out. No one will be turned away because of financial circumstances. 

Disclaimer: Any advertisements that appear on this webpage are displayed by the website provider and are not endorsed by the International MOMS Club®.